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Neon Pilgrim

During a culture-shocked exchange year in Japan, fifteen-year-old Lisa Dempster promises herself to one day walk the henro michi, an arduous 88-temple Buddhist pilgrimage through the mountains of Japan’s Shikoku island.

When thirteen years later Lisa finds herself depressed, on the dole and living with her mum, she decides to go back to Japan immediately: to walk the henro michi and walk herself back to health.

Brushing aside the barriers that other people might find daunting – the 1200 kilometres of mountainous terrain, the sweltering Japanese summer, the fact she has no money and has never done a multi-day hike – let alone by herself – Lisa is determined to walk the pilgrimage, or die trying.

Told with refreshing warmth and humour, Neon Pilgrim is a deeply inspiring story, with fascinating insights into Japanese culture and the Shikoku 88 Temple pilgrimage.

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